What’s at stake (Please see the french version)

mapQCThe construction of a bridge over the Saguenay at Tadoussac raises concerns which go beyond the localities situated on both sides of the river. All Northeast Canada is directly interested in the crossing of the Saguenay because the national road 138 at Tadoussac is the only road link directly connecting large Canadian cities and the Northeast region of the country which is comprised of the North Shore region of Quebec as well as Labrador. The real challenge consists first of all in opening up this vast region of the Canadian "FAR EAST"; a territory larger than France which is inhabited by more than 122,000 people, which holds vast zones of wealth in proven, suspected and unsuspected resources.

The first problem of the "FAR EASTERS" is to make their region known in a context of globalization and concentration of the media who, paradoxically, tend more to isolate the large regional interests from national or worldwide interests. Moreover, the absence of a university in the region explains the absence of experts and obliges a "delegation of files" towards the experts of large cities. Over the years, the region has become essentially dependent on the power of outsiders' interpretation of its realities. The object of this internet site is to allow the volunteers of the Bridge Society to complete the task undertaken in 1926 by Mr. Rochette, then deputy and future minister in the Taschereau government.

So here they are, the reasons linked to this project of a bridge over the Saguenay River.