15 mai 2015

The bridge on the Saguenay river society present a new solution

Powerpoint presentation, graphics explaining the new solutions to old problems, the replacement of ferries, the expected region development, a new site for the bridge for a better price, and exemples of existing bridges that have similar characteristics as the site of the Saguenay bridge envisioned.

24th of december 2012

The Society of the bridge claims actions after an accident on the ferry (french)

The Society of the bridge on the Saguenay, Tadoussac claim actions from the government to accelerate the construction of the bridge, following a serious accident on te ferry Jos Deschênes on the 23th of december 2012. That accident made a victim of serious injury and a obstruction at the ferry, making the waiting time hours long for the users of the road 138. Or forcing the users of the road to make a detour via Chicoutimi. The increase of trafic creates is unbearable for the region citizen and their visitors.

25th of august 2006

Excessive waiting lines: Press release from the Bridge society

The bridge society propose transient mesures to help out the excessive waiting line while the bridge would get constructed.

16th of june 2006

The Society of the bridge joins the coalition for the completion of the canadian north east (french)

The coalition for the completion of the nord east of Canada announce their project. To open the region with the bridge on the Saguenay, finish the road-138 to Blanc-Sablon and to finish up the road-389 (Quebec), road 500 and 510 (Labrador) projects. To finally make the road loop of the North East of Canada.

8th of  june 2006

Press release: The Society of the bridge wish to discuss with the responsibles of the impact study. (french)

The Press release concerning the preliminary version of the impact study of the construction of the bridge on the Saguenay river, in Tadoussac.


8th of june 2006

Annexe of text from the Press release

Information sheet on the analyse of the preliminary and partial impact study of the construction of a bridge on the Saguenay river.


25th of november 2005

Annual report of the president (french)

President report  from the Annual general assembly of the Society of the bridge 2005 


29th of january 2004

Launching of the first Website of the Society of the bridge (french)

Press release issued for the occasion of the launching of the Society of the bridge new Website.





The served region


1th of march 2003

Voisey's Bay Project, The Economy

Extract of the internet site of the Newfoundland government.


1th of march 2003

The lower Churchill Hydro-Development, The Economy

Extract of the internet site of the Newfoundland government.


25th of january 2003

La Côte-Nord, Journal Les Affaires (french)

Article about the development of the Côte-Nord region.




25th of august 2002

Un peu de silence pour les Bélugas, Le Soleil. (french)


27th of june 2001

Le syndrome de la traverse: Rapport d'investigation du Coroner, Dr. Arnaud Samson. (french)


20th of  june 2001

Lettre sur le syndrome de la traverse, Député M. Gabriel-Yvan Gagnon. (french)



Reference project 1999


9th of february 2004

Opportunity study 1999, Ministère des Transport (french)


proposed route

localisation card of the path kept by the opportunity study of 1999. 



Project SNC-Lavalin Genivar 2004


10th of may 2004

Comparison of the technical datas and the price of the project of 1999 and 2004

Comparison of technical datas and the finances of the two last known projects of a bridge, the engineering firm Buckland and Taylor project and the firm SNC-Lavallin project.



Other bridge on the Saguenay projects


7th of may 2004

Bridge project of P. Brisset (1986)
Project of a bridge on the Saguenay river presented to the Prime minister Brian Mulroney (1986).

7th of may 2004

Lalonde project of 1978
In 1978, the Quebec government asked a study to the firm Lalonde Girouard Letendre and ass. here is the kept proposition.





Presse articles


9th of february 2004

"The ferry fever", Le Soleil, Québec

Quebec transport wants to end with the effects of the "ferry fever". (french)


9th of february 2004

Un pont à Tadoussac en 2007, Le Soleil. (french)


9th of february 2004

Un diagnostic juste, mais pas de remède. (french)
Article about the "ferry fever".


6th of september 2003

La Côte-Nord en ébullition, Le Journal de Québec. (french)


Article about the futur development of the region.


2nd of september 2003

A New Spirit, The Economist.


23th of january 2003

Étude sur un pont de 1,45 Km, Le Soleil. (french)


4th of august 2001

"Ferry Fever" a road killer, M. David Johnston, The Gazette.


2nd of june 2001

L'achalandage des traversiers au Québec est en hausse, Journal Les Affaires. (french)






Documents related to the transport ministry of Quebec


1st of april 2002

Project notice, Transport ministry (15 pages).

Project notice about the study impact of the construction of a bridge on the Saguenay river at Tadoussac proposed by the Quebec transport ministry, a 2 millions dollars project.

8th of february 2002

Press release of the impact study about the construction of a bridge on the Saguenay river, Transport ministry.


8th of february 2002

Presse release after the first meeting of the advisory comity about the impact study of the bridge on Saguenay river, Transport ministry.


24th of september 2001

Projet d'un pont sur le Saguenay, Ministre délégué aux transports.
Annonce de l'étude d'impact sur la construction d'un pont sur la rivière Saguenay ($2 millions).


01 janvier 2001

Guide de l'analyse avantages-coûts, Mme Jacqueline Desrosiers.





Historique de la traverse de Tadoussac


09 février 2004

La traverse du Saguenay 1980
Historique présenté par La Société des Traversiers du Québec lors de la mise en service des traversiers actuels en 1980.


01 janvier 1959

La traverse de "PAR EN BAS", La revue moderne


01 janvier 1927

La traverse du Saguenay à Tadoussac, L'abbé Thomas Simard






01 octobre 2003

Une ambition: Développer le Nord-est du Canada, Route trans-Québec Labrador
Mémoire préparé par la Coalition pour la route Trans Québec-Labrador (Routes 389(QC) et 500 (NF)).